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What is the LEI Search tool?

What is the Search LEI tool?

The free LEI Search lets you search the Global LEI System (GLEIS) index of legal entities to retrieve organization data. It shows you more about an organization behind a Legal Entity Identifier Number or LEI code. RapidLEI is a Global LEI Foundation (GLEIF) accredited Legal Operating Unit (LOU) and connects directly with the GLEIF index to retrieve records.

What can you search for?

What can you search for?

You can lookup an organization within the global LEI database by its company name, LEI code, ISIN or BIC code. You can initiate new LEI registrations, renew LEIs or transfer them directly from the LEI lookup results table. If your LEI has lapsed, follow the instructions on how to reactivate it, and remember, RapidLEI staff are here here to help when needed.

What can the search results tell you?

What can the results show you?

The LEI search results include a lot of legal entity reference data. For example, the organization’s legal and HQ address, the current status of both the LEI and the organization incorporation. You can view its corporate structure to determine whether the organization has parent or children within its group. This is useful for company verification and KYC (Know Your Customer), for example. You can check the validity of a new or lapsed LEI numbers and view the current status of all the LEI data associated with the organization.

Guide: how to make the most out of the LEI Search tool

About RapidLEI.

This LEI search tool is brought to you by RapidLEI.

The RapidLEI platform has been designed to register Legal Entity Identifiers faster and make managing LEIs easier. Our algorithms, automation and integration with the local business registries around the world do the heavy lifting. This approach provides unparalleled issuance speed and improved data accuracy.

RapidLEI delivers highly cost effective LEIs quickly, around the globe and at massive scale. Since launching the RapidLEI service in 2018, we have become the largest issuer of new LEIs globally. We have hundreds of thousands of happy customers, high renewal and data quality rates, and a 5 star rating on TrustPilot.